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Love Stories and Quotes LSQ – The Most Beautiful Love Quotes 31 – 40

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31. You are worthy of someone who loves you for who you are and misses you badly when you are apart.

32. True love is choosing to prioritize the long-term happiness of your partner over the short-term pleasures or displeasures of yourself.

33. Words are not enough to heal the hurt. Only your actions can show me that you truly care and want to make things right.

34. Words are cheap and easy to say. Only your actions can prove your love and make me stay.

35. You deserve to feel and receive the same love you give.

36. Stop making yourself readily available to people who do not prioritize you.

37. Sometimes, the people you want as a part of your story are meant to be just a chapter.

38. If your actions don’t align with your words, then your words hold no value.

39. True love is discovering someone who adores your imperfections and feels whole with you by their side.

40. Discipline is choosing what you want now and what you want the most.

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